Sonic Spotlight: Terrence Jackson

Rainier Ehrhardt/Staff
Terrence Jackson

Hometown: Augusta


AGE: 24

PLAYS: Piano at Mount Montmorenci Missionary Baptist Church, Pierce Grove Baptist Church, Fielding Spring Baptist and Growing Faith Ministries

HAS PERFORMED WITH: Gospel artists Ricky Dillard and Lucinda Moore

FAVORITE CONCERT ATTENDED: Donald Lawrence at The Tabernacle, Atlanta, 2005. "When I saw him I was like, 'This is what I want to do. I want to sing. I want to do music.' And I was, like, so amazed at how the voices came together, how the music came together."

FAVORITE MOVIES: Steel Magnolias and The Ditchdigger's Daughters

FAVORITE PERFORMANCE: Thankful Missionary Baptist Church, Blythe, 2010. "I sang a song that really ministered to me; and just the effect on the audience, how they began to just worship God and lift their hands. ... After I got done, I went to my seat. I just went to this place like I've never been before. After it was over, I was just still in worship mode.''

WORST PERFORMANCE: "Honestly, I can't recall one, and that's not being cocky. I'm a perfectionist. It has to be right. If it's not right, we won't do it. And you can ask anybody at my church. Anything I do, I do it with pride; I do it with so much pride. I've never had an embarrassing moment."

FAVORITE FOOD DISHES: "I can cook a mean shrimp and chicken fettuccine alfredo pasta. And my baked spaghetti is to die for."

IF HE COULD PERFORM WITH ANYONE: John Legend and Reba McEntire