Sonic Spotlight: Lynwood Holmes

Rainier Ehrhardt/Staff
Lynwood Holmes

Age: 39



PLAYS: Keyboardist, Sounds Unlimited Band, since 1995

DAY JOB: Teacher, A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet School

BEST concert attended: Stevie Wonder, The Fox Theatre, 1995. "I was fascinated how he was able to go from keyboard to keyboard and keep a show going with the orchestra. It was just a fascinating show."

FAVORITE ARTIST: Luther Vandross

FAVORITE PERFORMANCE: Playing the piano for the Augusta Players presentation of The Wiz, Imperial Theatre, 2004. "It was a sell-out. It was a real nice show."

MUSICAL ROOTS: "My mother's side of the family was very musical. We had a piano at home that I used to sit at as a child. ... The music that I heard at church, I would come back and try to pretend like I was a musician that Sunday morning from church service ... I started taking piano lessons in 1978 from a lady by the name of Ms. Dorothy Reid ... and the book wasn't going fast enough for me -- it was boring, so I stopped, then I started taking saxophone lessons. And then I would take the theory from the saxophone and put it back towards the piano. And then I had the opportunity of working at the Aundra Clark School of Music here in Augusta when I was in high school."

TV FAVORITES: The Jeffersons, Good Times and CSI: Miami

FAVORITE ALBUMS: Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder; Never Too Much, Luther Vandross; Thriller, Michael Jackson; Love Alive, Walter Hawkins

UPCOMING GIG: Sounds Unlimited Band will perform July 25 at the Eighth Street bulkhead, as part of the Candlelight Jazz concert series.