Lunch Money: Naan Kabab

Kabab Masala and naan from Naan Kabab on Washington Road is available with lamb or chicken. Be prepared ... it's spicy.



When the pollen has you all clogged up, you can reach for medication to open up the sinuses, or pack some heat.

I chose the latter, making a stop for Pakistani takeout for lunch from Naan Kabab, 3107 Washington Road.

Hot and sour soup is usually my secret weapon in offering temporary relief when the nose is clogged up, but this restaurant's Kabab Masala proved just as effective.

It is available as either ground lamb or chicken (I chose the chicken) served in a thick, spicy gravy.

I'm a big fan of spicy Chinese and Thai dishes, and this was a bit beyond what I'm used to in heat, but it was worth the burn. It didn't quite overpower the palate, but it did lead to some eye watering and left my lips burning for five minutes afterward.

I had a piece of naan with the entree. The bread was chewy and tasty and helped to offset the spice in the Kabab Masala.

Naan Kabab is a bit spartan in its setup, but comfortable. There are several booths and tables, and the seating is open but intimate.

Don't expect fancy: If you're dining in, you're served on foam plates and use plastic utensils. Drinking glasses are disposable plastic.

Meals were brought to diners individually instead of to everyone at the table at one time.

My meal (eight portions of meat in the gravy and a large piece of naan) cost $10.15, right at the Lunch Money goal, but without a drink and before tip.

Pakistani food is a novelty for me, and this meal was intriguing and enjoyable.

I'll be back to explore more of the menu.

The lunch line

WHAT: Naan Kabab

WHERE: 3107 Washington Road



VALUE: 2.5

HOURS: 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, 12:30-8 p.m. Sunday

LEARN MORE: (706) 504-4220


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