Class differences spark conflict for 'Good' couple

The Good Father, opening Friday at Le Chat Noir, stars Emily Surles and Duane Brown.

Emily Surles advises bringing tissues along when going to see the play The Good Father .


"I want them to have to use Kleenex some time during the show," said Surles, who plays Jane in the Le Chat Noir production, which opens Friday and runs three consecutive weekends.

"This is a love story, but it definitely has its ups and downs. There is an emotional range, but it has that feel-good quality, too."

The story is about a chance meeting between Surles' upper-crust attorney character of Jane and a working-class guy named Tim. The two develop an unlikely and complicated relationship after one encounter.

"Tim is such a likeable, dependable fellow," said Douglas Joiner, the show's director.

Jane is different.

"She's that typical lawyer. She's very matter-of-fact," said Surles.

In addition, she has an abrasive streak formed through many years of self-loathing and has the inability to accept unconditional love. One of the toughest areas for her to accept is the class difference between the two of them.

"Tim has a mailbox in the land of awkward," said Duane Brown, who plays Tim, a painter.

Despite the conflicts, Brown said he thinks most audience members will find themselves pulling for this underdog relationship.

The Good Father turns stereotypes upside down, Joiner said.

"It really exposes the true nature of fatherhood, and it shows that a gentleman doesn't have to wear a suit and that a father is more than a conception," he said.

'The good father'

WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday-Saturday and Feb. 18-19, 24-26; with a special performance at 8 p.m. Valentine's Day called the Cupid's Cabaret.

WHERE: Le Chat Noir, 304 Eighth St.

TICKETS: $25; (706) 722-3322,