Old friends already an 'Odd Couple'

In 1965, neat freak Felix Ungar moved in with messy sportswriter Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple.


Forty-five years later, Tim DeTroy tries to clean up after Bradley Watts in the Aiken Community Playhouse production of Neil Simon's popular comedy.

"I knew Bradley before the casting," said DeTroy, who plays Felix. "It was very funny because we might be out having a drink, and I would look at him in a T-shirt and I would be in a nice, collared button-down and think that we were already the odd couple in that regard."

Watts has performed in and directed several of Simon's plays, including Barefoot in the Park, Brighton Beach Memoirs and Lost in Yonkers . The Odd Couple, though, is one of his favorites.

"Playing Oscar has been a dream of mine for a long time," Watts said.

Director John Lewis said DeTroy and Watts have been diligent in bringing Felix and Oscar to life.

"Bradley and Tim have been some of the hardest-working cast members that I've ever seen. They spent a lot of time together outside of rehearsals working on their lines and their characters," he said.

DeTroy didn't mind the extra work.

"I've noticed that there is some Felix in me -- not the hypochondriac but the neat freak and needing to have order and a plan," he said.

Since its Broadway debut, The Odd Couple has seen many stage revivals and has been turned into feature films and more than one television series. Lewis said it's easy to see why The Odd Couple remains popular.

"It's a timeless show about the fact that friendship isn't always easy," he said.

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