Work It: Mark Greubel

Mark Greubel of Greubels Mixed Martial Arts stands for a portrait at his studio.

Age: 32



WORK: Owner and coach for kick boxing at his gym, Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts

WEEKLY ROUTINE: "We do a lot of cardio training, a lot of plyometrics and a lot of stamina training. We basically make our workouts cater towards the kinds (of things) we're going to be doing in the boxing ring or mixed martial arts cage."

ON FITNESS: "I just like being able to stay healthy and lean. I feel a lot younger than most of the guys my same age."

FITNESS FAVORITES: "My favorite exercise, I would probably say is actually sparring ... (Y)ou don't really realize it when you're sparring, but you're getting such a good cardio workout and you are keeping your senses sharp. You have to use your entire body and be sharp the entire time. There's no resting or slacking."

ON HIS SOUND SYSTEM: "If I'm by myself I like listening to metal. A lot of times, well, just listen to CDs premixed towards working out."

NUTRITION: "If I'm not really training for something I just try to eat a balanced diet. I don't try to over-complicate things."

FAVORITE FOOD: "Country cooking, man, Southern food. I just love Southern food, barbecue."

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