Contestant sticks with program and wins

Karyn Kelly knew exactly what she wanted to say if she was announced Gold's Gym's Fit to be Gold contest winner.


"I'm going to Disney World!"

She didn't get the chance to say it when Kicks 99 radio personality Chris O'Kelley announced her as the winner Monday night at Gold's Gym.

But after the big moment was over, she said it several times as the other contestants congratulated her and said their good-byes.

"I was (really surprised to win). Did you see Jim?" she said. "All of us women of a certain age were saying he's going to just completely overwhelm this competition. He was very muscular, but he had a lot of weight."

As the winner of the 12-week weight loss competition, which was determined by the percentage of body fat lost, Kelly received $1,000 and a lifetime membership to Gold's Gym. Kelly lost 38 pounds and 18.62 percent of body fat.

She really is going to Disney World -- in February.

"I said when I turned 50 I wanted to go back to Disney World, but we didn't make it last year," she said. "This is probably the last time we'll go. I want it to be real special. I want everything to be right, the pictures and the place. I've been planning it for a year," she said.

The trip is Kelly's motivation to continue working toward her goal weight of 150 pounds.

To meet it, she will continue working out at Gold's Gym using the methods she learned through the contest, including the diet.

Kelly said when she started the program, she felt that being sore from working out could be a barrier to continuing the program. She came to understand that soreness was part of building muscle and she learned to work through it.

"I did a lot of hot baths and a lot of ibuprofen," she said. "But I only had 12 weeks. I think that really helped me. I couldn't put it off or I would have."

Now that she's learned the importance of routine exercise, she plans to continue a regular routine for as long as she's able, she said.

To celebrate her win after Monday night's weigh in, Kelly and her husband were doing ... nothing.

"As I was weighing in, he said, 'Where do you want to go to eat and celebrate?' That's the thing. Eating is always a part of celebrating. I said, 'No, we can't. We're going to Disney World,' " she said.

The holidays didn't help with dieting. It was hard to stick with the diet while celebrating with her family and her in-laws, but she chose to continue with the diet and lost weight.

"Looking back at it, I would have gained weight during this time, if I had kept with my usual pattern. But because of this (contest), I lost weight," she said.

Is it your turn?

A new Fit to be Gold challenge will begin in February. To enter, e-mail why you want to compete along with your photo to

On tv

The final Fit to be Gold results and weigh in will air on WAGT-TV 26 (NBC) at 3:30 p.m. Sunday.