Being square can make person well-rounded

I was at a party, it was 8 p.m., and I was sleepy. I said good night, but as I walked toward the door, I heard one of them yell to me jokingly, "Cher Best, you're so square!"


On my way home, I couldn't help but laugh. She was right. When I got home, I laid my clothes out for the next morning and went to bed. It was 9 p.m.

The next morning, I went to see my parents. It was 7 a.m.

While there I looked through family photos and ran across one of me, with my sister, Sonya, and my brothers, Lenny and Craig.

I thought again about my friend calling me square. I looked closer at the photo. For a minute I was a 6-year-old again, breakfast was at 7 a.m., school at 8, chores and homework at 4 p.m. and bedtime at 9.

My mom, (we call her Bird because she's tiny like a bird) was on all four PTAs, my brothers' football boosters club, assisted with my Brownie troop and still managed a 40-hour work week.

We could only watch TV after homework was done. We had to be in the house before it got dark and lay out our school clothes before we went to bed. Maybe we were not as cool as the other kids on Sycamore Drive, but we were the "Best" kids and we stuck together. We were happy, fed, loved and maybe just a little square. Life was good.

I recall one night my mom told me to go to bed. It was 9 p.m. and I started to cry. She said to me, 'When you get older you will appreciate going to bed early.'

Today, kids spend their time watching TV, talking on phones or on Facebook. I'm not sure how many kids are joining Scouts or how many parents join booster clubs and PTAs.

As for me, if I'm home, I still go to bed at 9, I still do my work before I watch TV and I lay my clothes out before I go to bed.

My folks managed to produce four college graduates: a colonel, a lieutenant colonel, a radio talent and a member of the Defense Intelligence Agency. As far as I can see, square is good. I even think (if I may be so bold) it's hip to be square. In fact, for all the cool people out there, I suggest you try some square sometimes. You just may like it.

Oh, and Mom, you were right; I appreciate the 9 p.m. bedtime.