From local writers

The newest fiction offering from Christine Hurley Deriso, local author and Georgia Regents University publications director, comes out Tuesday.


She will sign copies of Thirty Sunsets at the Book Tavern in the J.B. White Building on 931 Broad Street in Augusta from 1-3 p.m. July 12.

The book follows 16-year-old Forrest Shepherd’s quest for answers as unnerving clues suggest that her life isn’t as idyllic as it seems, according to a news release from the publisher, Flux. Forrest also embarks on first love with a smooth guy promising to spend 30 sunsets with her before the summer is over.

“As much as I love sharing GRU’s great achievements through the written word, there’s something uniquely satisfying about using my skills to create novels that ideally help readers navigate through their own imperfections and insecurities. I hope all my books create not only a great reading experience, but an opportunity for greater insight, empathy and compassion,” Deriso said in the release.

Her previous works include four novels, a children’s picture book, and Green Tea and Beyond, about the health benefits of green tea that she co-wrote with GRU cell biologist Stephen Hsu. Visit her at or check out the Thirty Sunsets trailer on youtube.


Michael Ryan, The Augusta Chronicle’s editorial page editor, has figured out 225 Ways You Can Save America and packaged them in a pocket-sized book that sells for $5.

“I just wanted to come up with a list of ways we could all pitch in to help America, which many people see as on the decline,” Ryan said. “The ideas aren’t rocket science, but merely reminders of what it takes to be worthy of self-governance.”

To order a copy, visit or write to the author at 725 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30903.


Local attorney Robert A. Mullins has written a history of Augusta that focuses on Lake Olmstead. It’s called 12 Monkeys and a Green Jacket.

“The name of the book may be a little confusing,” said Dayton L. Sherrouse, of the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area. “Most people might recognize the green jacket reference but the 12 monkeys may leave you scratching your head. Rather than spoil the surprise, I encourage you to read the book for this and many other reasons.”

The book is “designed to raise awareness on both the currently wasted potential of the lake as well as the amount of respect her rich history warrants,” according to a press release. It “presents the social history of Augusta through a series of entertaining stories and answers to questions such as why Augusta had the grandest hotels in the South and why the world’s greatest golf course, the Augusta National, is located here.”

12 Monkeys and a Green Jacket can be purchased at The Book Tavern and the Augusta Canal Discovery Center or through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the author’s Facebook page and Mullins will sign books at the Augusta Canal Discovery Center from 2 to 5 p.m. July 13.



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