What is it?

Last week's photo showed the taillights of the brand-new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. For more photos of the pony car, which is returning after several years' absence from the market, see this week's review.


Chosen randomly from the correct entries was the name of Robert Lamb, of McBean. Mr. Lamb wins a gift from The Augusta Chronicle.

Other readers identifying the vehicle were:

AIKEN: Bob Hardt, who wrote: "The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, the SS model with the Corvette LS3 motor in it good for over 400 hp. Hope they make the Camaro Z28 again and use a variation of the LS8 supercharged Corvette motor from the ZR1, like they do for the awesome CTS-V from Cadillac. Models like these and the Corvette will keep the new GM going."

AUGUSTA: David Clanton Jr.; Dion Glenn, who said he is a big Chevy fan and saw the Transformers movie in which the Camaro is prominently featured; Walter Eason; and Carolyn Ogles.

CUMMING, GA.: Last week, we inadvertently omitted the name of faithful reader Chris Rhodes from the list of people who correctly guessed the Audi Q5. This week, he also recognized the Camaro and offered this bit of trivia:

"Some owners of the early production V-8 and manually transmission-equipped Camaros have experienced transmission problems apparently caused by hard launches or 'brisk' acceleration. These cars are breaking output shafts and requiring transmission replacements.

"However, because the tranny in question is the same unit behind the V-10-powered Dodge Viper, the issue does not appear to be one of too much torque for the application. Rather, there may be an issue with the specific batch of output shafts installed in these early transmissions.

"GM has, apparently, addressed the problem and future vehicles should not experience this same issue."

EVANS: Omar Ahmed; Ken Ziegler; Chris Sorrells; P.J. Rodgers; Wayne Wilke; and Danny Fulmer

GRANITEVILLE: Michael Jefferson

HEPHZIBAH: Christopher Fuller; and Jason Wright, who wrote: "The car will sell in spades to longtime Chevy guys and will get at least a cursory look from other domestic iron guys. The import crowd will have no interest in them and will take every opportunity to dis it.

"Styling wise, the Camaro is not as distinctive as the Challenger nor as instantly recognizable as the Mustang. I like that GM Design took risks with the interior and the rear treatment; so many cars today have bland interiors and after-thought rear designs.

"I'd call the design retro-modern, distinctive if not completely cohesive. GM Drivetrain hit the ball out of the park with the engines and transmissions.

"The Camaro always had an edge in the drivetrain department, so I'm glad to see the current staff remembered this part of the Camaro's heritage. The big questions of this car will be practicality/usability and quality control.

"The Mustang has always been more popular than the Camaro because it was more practical. The Mustang always had a usable back seat, decent cargo space and easy ingress & egress. If the Camaro is similar, it'll be a big improvement.

"Also, the (quality control) of the F-bodies were always lacking, which is what I think really killed the car. But GM's quality has been terrific of late, so if they can incorporate all the latest QC lessons into the Camaro, it will impress many people."

KEYSVILLE, GA.: Glenn Widner

LINCOLNTON, Ga.: James Tuten

MARTINEZ: Thomas Crump and Toby MacKendree

NORTH AUGUSTA: Tim Wolfe ; Woody Shuler, who said his friend has one on order; and Mike Futrell, who wrote: "I love that even the V-6 model is something an enthusiast could drive, unlike the previous generations."

Mr. Futrell also took exception to a recent Autos story stating that it is difficult for drivers to repair modern cars: "A few weeks ago, our 2005 Saab blew a cooling fan, and a repair shop wanted around $900 for the parts and labor ($500 fan motor!). I found a used fan motor on eBay, and we had the car back on the road for $25."

WARRENTON, GA.: Joel Ramsey

WAYNESBORO, GA: Terry McClennon Sr.

Please meet us back here in a week to look at another photo and ask yourself, "What is it?"



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