Live chat: Remembering Michael Jackson

Steven Uhles: Hello. My name is Steven Uhles and I am the arts and entertainment writer at the Augusta Chronicle. We thought it might be interesting to let readers weigh in on the cultural and musical significance of Michael Jackson and, of course, his passing. Please feel free to share any memories, thoughts or opinions. My one request is that we keep the proceedings civil. Who has the first comment?
Steven Uhles: Perhaps we can start by addressing a question I posed in the Pop Rocks blog earlier. When ranking the pantheon of popular performers, where does Michael Jackson fall?
Steven Uhles: Crickets...
Steven Uhles: I know I for one have always been willing to preach the gospel of Thriller. One of the great amalgamations of style ever produced.
coco rubio: top 5 behind - james brown, elvis, beatles, bob marley
coco rubio: Thriller was the peak -- but, OFF THE WALL was the album that really set it all up.... DON'T STOP TIL YOU GET ENOUGH is one of the best dance songs ever!
Steven Uhles: Sorry about the lag. Just figured out how to get the questions flowing. Behind Bob Marley? Really?
coco rubio: i should say top 5 ALONG with......
this is just the start: Looks like the people have spoken. Why would anyone want give praise to a PED?
Steven Uhles: I think we're looking beyond his personal life, particularly charges without convictions. That's a slippery slope. I'm uncomfortable with Michael Jackson the man, but it's hard to deny him as an entertainer.
coco rubio: the same reason we respect the musical contributions of james brown & elvis?
Steven Uhles: The thing I've been thinking about is how iconic some of the imagery is. I mean, if you mention illuminated sidewalks and musical gang fights, you know exactly who I'm talking about. Not to mention the glove.
Steven Uhles: Anyone ever try to moonwalk. I did. It was ugly. Actually, I tried again last night. Still no luck.
coco rubio: i like when he did the robot on DANCING MACHINE when he was with the JACKSON 5..... i'd love to see you do that, mr. uhles...... uh, maybe not!
Steven Uhles: Probably not. I have very little Dancing Machine in me.
coco rubio: RIP MJ
Steven Uhles: I agree. Rest in peace. It' s probably, given his lifestyle, something he didn't get enough of. We all deserve a little peace.
Steven Uhles: Well, clearly this did not go as well as planned. I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by. I'm going to go listen to PYT now.


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