Georgetown resident has colorful style

Edna Lawrence decorated her home in the Georgetown neighborhood with flea market finds and original craftwork.


"I love taking nothing and making something out of it," she said.

She scours secondhand stores, yard sales and flea markets to transform the ordinary to her unique style. She used things that seem unrelated, such as bathroom tile and automotive piping, in renovating the kitchen cabinets.

In the sunroom, which she had built onto the house, she's created curtains out of dust ruffles. In a guest bedroom, she made a headboard out of pieces from old picture frames.

"I just know how to do it. God gave me the gift," she said.

In the living room, she reupholstered and repainted Victorian chairs.

"They were ready for the trash," she said.

She was 11 when she first made something for her family's home and gave it to her mother.

"That's how it all started, from a little wobbly bookcase," she said.

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WHO: Edna Lawrence

THE HOUSE: 1,287 square feet, with three guest bedrooms, a master bedroom, three sitting areas, a work room, kitchen, breakfast room and 31/2 baths

IT'S A FACT: Ms. Lawrence, with the help of her children, built on to the house, which was originally a three-bedroom, 11/2-bath house with a living room, kitchen and carport. She's lived in the house for 37 years.


WHAT: Georgetown subdivision

SCHOOLS: Glenn Hills Elementary School, Glenn Hills Middle School, Glenn Hills High School

COST: Houses run in the lower and mid $90s.

LOCATION, LOCATION: It's conveniently located near Interstate 520 and Interstate 20. It's also near a Wal-Mart and shopping center plaza.

Source: Dozell Stewart, Realtor with Blanchard and Calhoun.

HISTORY: The neighborhood was developed between 1968-70, according to The Augusta Chronicle archives.



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