Couple used variety of decor to give home character

C.J. and Lisa McCollum's craftsman cottage on the Hill has a historical feel and a family touch.


Rather than focusing on one style, each room has a different look.

"Nothing really flows through the house; everything has its own character," Mrs. McCollum said.

In a Craftsman cottage layout, visitors enter through the living room, where the couple's prized possession, a portrait of 21/2-year-old daughter Kathleen, hangs above the mantel.

Heirlooms abound in the dining room, including a table and china cabinet from Mr. McCollum's grandparents.

Mrs. McCollum often uses accent plates to switch the look of the table or decorate the ballroom-gold walls.

The house was in good shape, but the kitchen required a major renovation, with the McCollums adding an island and more counter space for Mr. McCollum, who enjoys cooking.

"It gives you a lot more flexibility with preparing," he said.

Going for a Tuscan feel, the couple had the kitchen repainted and old timber added as a mantel.

In the master bedroom, the dark wood furniture is set off by a clean white duvet on the antique sleigh bed and the powder-blue walls.

"We wanted something that was very soothing and calming, so we went with Confederate blue," Mrs. McCollum said.

White built-in closets satisfy the need for storage many historic homes lack.

Kathleen's room is a pink-and-green play and sleep space with a tea set Mrs. McCollum says Kathleen uses every day as the hostess to her teddy bear guests.

Her mother-in-law created a bed skirt and shams in a fairy pattern, and an artist painted flowers above the door molding, creating a flower box look.

The guest room once served as an office. Now, it is home to Mr. McCollum's hunting trophies and fishing gear. "You can tell that this is a guy's guy room," she said.

It also holds the couple's engagement present, a picture of Robert E. Lee from 1864.

The house was built in the early 1930s. Mr. McCollum lived there before the two were married. He said he bought the house because of the neighborhood.

In decorating the cottage, Mrs. McCollum's ideas were enhanced by Mr. McCollum's experience as a contractor.

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WHO: C.J., Lisa and Kathleen McCollum

WHAT: Three bedroom, 2 1/2-bath Craftsman cottage home on the Hill

IT'S A FACT: When the couple wanted to redo their front door, they found it was crafted from heart of pine. They decided to take it down to the wood, which required weeks of painstaking chipping and scraping of old paint.



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