What is it?

Last week's photo showed the logos from nine makes of automobiles, and we asked you to identify as many as you could.


The answers were, starting from top left: Buick, Cadillac, Infiniti, Saturn, Smart, Mazda, Toyota, Honda and Lexus.

The logo that stumped the most readers was in dead center: Smart. Perhaps that is because its maker, Daimler AG, uses for its logo the letter "C" (for "compact" though the car is a subcompact) and an arrow (for "forward thinking").

From the entries identifying all nine cars, we randomly chose the name of Archie Black, of Augusta, who wins an umbrella from the Marketing Department of The Augusta Chronicle.

Other readers identifying all nine brands were:

AIKEN: Howard Jones, and Bob Hardt, who wrote: "Good contest; I believe I got them all, though the middle one made me think and look. Saw a Smart car on the way home and thought, 'Bet that is it.' Quick Internet check, and it is."

EVANS: Drew Clark, and Wayne Wilke, who wrote: "There are eight 'easies' and one 'toughie.' When I first read the challenge, I thought there might be a Citroen, Alfa Romeo or DeSoto in the bunch."

GROVETOWN: Steven Valentine

MARTINEZ: Toby MacKendree

In addition, these readers guessed eight of nine logos:

AUGUSTA: Carolyn Ogles, who wrote: "As we were doing errands yesterday morning we spotted all the logos except one. ... This was fun and very creative!"

AUGUSTA: Bill O'Kelley

HEPHZIBAH: Christopher Fuller

LINCOLNTON, GA.: James Tuten

MARTINEZ: Joe Bert, and Cheryl Cook , who enjoyed guessing the logos and wrote: "(H)ow 'bout throwing an oldie but goodie in there every once in a blue moon?"

Now, let's get back to car parts. Tell us the make and model of the 2009 vehicle at bottom right. Call (706) 823-3419 or e-mail glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com.

Please tell us your name and telephone number and the city you live in. It helps if you spell your name for us.

You have until noon Wednesday to respond. A winner will be chosen randomly.

Thanks for enjoying cars.



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