Family heirlooms given prominent display in house

When Dean and Heide Martin married 17 years ago, they knew what they wanted their dream house to be like.


It wasn't until a little over a year ago, however, that they realized it was already built.

"When it went on the market, we decided that we would check it out," Mrs. Martin said of their Jones Creek home. "It was amazing. It had a lot of the things we had on our wish list for our dream home. This is our dream home."

One of the things the couple wanted was more space for their sons, Robert, 14, and Christopher, 12, and to entertain. Upgrading from their previous 1,300-square-foot home to the 6,800-square-foot home accomplished that.

"It was hard to do several things at once without it being noisy in our old home," Mrs. Martin said. "This home is great for entertaining, and there's enough space to do everything without disturbing anyone."

The space is filled with items passed down from family members and with pieces collected over the years.

In the kitchen, which is one of Mrs. Martin's favorite areas, a menu autographed by Southern cooking queen Paula Deen is showcased.

"Robert went on a trip to Savannah and ate in Paula Deen's restaurant. I told him that I wanted an autograph if he saw her. I was just joking, but she did happen to go out and visit the guests while he was there and he brought back an autograph," she said.

The great room features items Mrs. Martin obtained during European travels with her mother. The china cabinet in the dining room includes china sets passed down from Mr. Martin's mother.

Many of the paintings throughout the home are also family heirlooms.

"I wasn't big on buying everything new when we have beautiful things passed down to us from our family," Mrs. Martin said. "Instead of storing them, why not use them? They help to make our home more down to earth, like we are, and ties us to what's important, our family."

Keeping in touch with what's important makes a dream house their dream home, she added.

"It's not about the stuff in the home. It's about God and your family. The house could be empty, but if you have God and your family, it's a home," she said.

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WHO: Dean and Heide Martin; sons Robert, 14, and Christopher, 12; a dachshund named Storm, and a tabby cat, Belle

THE HOME: 6,800-square-foot, two-story brick, five bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths, in Jones Creek

IT'S A FACT: Mrs. Martin has a baby blanket that has been in her family since 1875.



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