What is it?

Last week's What Is It? photo was of the 2009 Ford Flex, the subject of today's review. The first reader to identify it was Wayne Gray, of Augusta, who wins a gift from The Augusta Chronicle.


Other correct entrants were:

AUGUSTA: Drake Horton, David Russell, Craig Dozier, Paul, Hall and Christopher Martin

EVANS: Jimmy Huckaby, Ken Ziegler, Wayne Wilke, Bill Harding, Drew Clark, Steve Buck and Rachel Kiernan, who wrote: "I saw it few years ago at the Chicago Auto Show where it was called the Ford Fairlane Concept Vehicle."

AIKEN: Andy Mock and Howard Jones

MCBEAN: Robert Lamb

MARTINEZ: Larry Williams

NORTH AUGUSTA: Tim Key and Tom Collins, who called the Flex the "reincarnation of the station wagon!"

WARRENTON, GA.: Joel Ramsey

PAW PAW, W.VA.: Tom Gauger, who wrote, "A rather ugly vehicle, I think."

Now, can you tell us the make and model of the 2008 vehicle shown? Call (706) 823-3419 or e-mail glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com. Please give us your name (and spelling), city and phone number. The deadline is noon Wednesday, and the first to identify the car will get a gift. The names of the correct guessers will be published Friday. Thanks.

1955 CHEVY FOLLOW-UP: Jim Hartman and Thomas Gilley each wrote in to set us straight about last week's comments on the 1955 Chevrolet:

"You and your readers are wrong about the '55 Chevy being the first V-8 by Chevy," Mr. Gilley wrote.

"Chevrolet built a production V-8 in 1917 and 1918," Mr. Hartman wrote.

They pointed out that those early Chevrolets sported a 288-cubic-inch engine that put out 38 horsepower, and they are correct. I should have said 1955 was just Chevy's first "modern" V-8, if you can call 54 years ago modern.



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