Growing closer together

Two years ago, the Howard family traded in a newer, larger house for a Summerville house half as big.


"It was so big we all had our own space," said Katie Howard, the mother of three and wife of Alex Howard, a Richmond County Board of Education member.

"We didn't see each other; we didn't have to get along," she said. "Here, we've gotten closer as a family."

They often gather on the living room floor to play board games, Mr. Howard said. In the winter, they'll light a fire in the fireplace. Their daughter, Bailey, 9, practices piano in the room.

A lounge paneled in wood serves as both a study and cozy spot to watch television.

The Howards updated and renovated much of the house before moving in, but they left the study alone.

"I always wanted a wood-paneled room," Mr. Howard said. "Either you love them or you hate them, but we love them."

One major renovation turned the back porch into a playroom for the kids, with exposed, whitewashed bricks and large panels of windows.

Each child's room reflects their personalities, Mr. Howard said.

Bailey's room is painted a soft pea green and includes pops of pink. It has plenty of space for her equestrian awards and soccer memorabilia.

Charles' room has a low table built specially to hold all of his Legos.

Daniel's room gives him a place to practice guitar and have sleepovers with friends.

Other updates to the house include a kitchen renovation that resulted in all new appliances and a fresh coat of apple green paint.

"We spend the majority of our time in the kitchen," Mr. Howard said. "We eat supper at home at least five times a week as a group."

For all its updates, Mrs. Howard thinks the 1940s house retains a classic feel.

"I wanted old charm, traditional charm," she said. "We hope to be here a long time. I can see this as a 'forever' house."

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