Location of home is perfect for golfer

A photograph in John Chandler's hallway gives a special view of a scene very familiar to him.


The photo is of the fifth green at West Lake Country Club's golf course, seen through a misty haze. Mr. Chandler's home is on the fifth fairway.

It was the golf course and the West Lake atmosphere that drew Mr. Chandler to live in the Columbia County neighborhood.

"I've been a member since 1981," he said.

He and his wife of more than 30 years, Barbara, who died in 1996, had lived on seven acres farther out in the county for many years. She enjoyed the outdoors and having room to roam with the grandchildren.

In 1995, he persuaded her to move to West Lake because it was closer to the beauty salon she operated on Pleasant Home Road.

"There's nothing I don't like about West Lake," said Mr. Chandler, who operates the barber shops at Fort Gordon. "I like the golf course; I like the people. I enjoy the club. It's very nice fellowship. I like the golf programs; there's always something different going on."

After his wife's death, Mr. Chandler bought a lot on the fifth green and built his home.

"I wanted it to be on the golf course. I wanted a house with an open area. It was designed with high ceilings and is well-lighted," he said.

If he's not out golfing, he can enjoy the view of the course from his veranda.

"I love to get on the veranda and watch the golfers come by," he said.

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