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Looking for a read with local ties? Here's a sampling of new titles from Georgia and South Carolina authors:


'The Romance Readers' Book Club'

AUTHOR: Julie L. Cannon

HOMETOWN: Watkinsville, Ga.

THE PLOT: Teenage Tammi Elco is growing up in the 1970s in the small town of Rigby, Ga. She turns to romance novels as she copes with living with her fanatically religious grandmother. Tammi forms a book club with her Aunt Minna, conservative girlfriend LaDonna and high school bad girl Parks.

The members take a vow on a Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie catalog and begin to hold meetings to discuss novels, lust and love. With a drought threatening her family's farm and her preacher calling for church members to repent their sins for relief, Tammi is torn by which words to live by.


'Don't Eat My Garden'

AUTHOR: Ben Barnes, illustrated by his granddaughter, Page Barnes

HOMETOWNS: Beaufort, S.C. for Mr. Barnes; North Augusta for Page, 14

WHAT: The book is based on his experiences growing up on a farm. The drawings were done when Page was 12.


'Story of the Sand'

AUTHOR: Mark B. Pickering


PLOT: Iraq War veteran Sampson Roy struggles after his return home to Georgia.

BACKGROUND: Mr. Pickering wrote the story after conducting several in-depth interviews with veterans from different wars who experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.


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