Cottage decor is eclectic

Original artwork and a few sentimental antiques are part of an eclectic mix of styles in the Craftsman Cottage in Summerville owned by Philippe Chin and Cheryl Grace.


"Nothing matches, and we like it that way," said Ms. Grace, the owner of Pastel on Central, an art cafe.

Mr. Chin, the chef at cuiZine in Aiken, was born in Paris and has a grandfather from China. At his restaurant, he creates a style of cuisine called French-Asian fusion. Ms. Grace said their decorating style takes on one other element.

"It's more like French-Asian-Southern fusion," she said.

There are pieces of Edgefield pottery in the hallway and two theatrical posters of the Folies BergÃre by Erte in the living room. A Chinese influence can be found in some of the artwork in the den.

Blue Willow china from Ms. Grace's grandmother is used decoratively in the formal dining room.

The kitchen is home to Mr. Chin's pig collectibles. He started collecting them after chef James Beard, whose foundation honors culinary artists each year, gave him a picture of a pig. The collection has grown and takes up shelves and drawers.

"Just about everything has a story," Ms. Grace said.

While most people don't see all of the interesting pieces inside, they can see the couple's sculpture garden outside.

The garden pieces were created by Ms. Grace's son, David Jones, and daughter-in-law, Ashley Hope Carlisle, who are sculptors.

Each of the works has its own story, such as the wagon Mr. Jones built after a bad relationship. It was designed to represent relationships. It weighs several hundred pounds, has square wheels so it goes nowhere and has a handle that cuts into the hand no matter how the person tries to grab it.


THE OWNERS: Philippe Chin and Cheryl Grace

THE HOUSE: A 4,800- square-foot, five-bedroom, three-bath Craftsman Cottage built in 1926

IT'S A FACT: Some of the stones used in the landscaping came from what is now Thurmond Lake.


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