Augustan gives names to her trees

A small tree and wreaths decorate the bedroom of Ms. Tutt's mother, Marial. Ms. Tutt even has reindeer in the front yard that she lights at night.


When most folks were putting up Halloween decorations, Lillian Tutt was working on her Christmas decorations.

"I start the last of September or early October. I have so many trees and decorations to put up, so I have to start early," she said. "I tell people that I'm very busy during Christmastime."

With more than 15 Christmas trees of varying sizes throughout the home, one can imagine how busy she is.

Trees are themed. There's the "A Very Precious Christmas" tree, inspired by her dog, Precious; the "RHOyal Christmas" tree, dedicated to her sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho; the "Purple and White Pride Christmas" tree, a tribute to her alma mater, Paine College; and a "Joyful Christmas" tree, inspired by her mother.

"Some people come in and they say, 'Oh, this is too much', but to me, it's just right, because each one is special," she said.

She also collects international Santas and angels to place about the home during the holidays.

Even though she enjoys decorating, she said that she can't forget the reason for the season.

"I'm into the decorating, but I also put him first," she said. "It's a time of the year to give thanks for all that he has done for me and to know it was this time of the year that Jesus Christ was born. He is the reason behind the celebration."

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THE FAMILY: Lillian Tutt, her mother, Marial Tutt, and her dog, Precious

THE HOME: One story, three bedrooms, two baths; Lillian Tutt has lived in the home since 1972.

IT'S A FACT: Each Christmas tree in the home is themed and has a name.



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