What is it?

See if we ever ask you to identify a Dodge Challenger again! Last week's photo of the 1970 Challenger T/A brought in more responses than ever before in the history of What Is It?


The vast majority were correct guesses, but several people said it was the Barracuda, which was Plymouth's version of the same car. More than a few readers said it was the Dodge Charger, but the clue was that the car is not now in production; Dodge currently sells a Charger sedan, so that's out; moreover, Dodge plans a retro, look-alike model next year.

The first of many to identify the car was Kerry Florence, of Martinez, who wins a gift from The Augusta Chronicle . Other correct readers were:

AUGUSTA: Paul Adams ("I used to have a 1970 Challenger, white, but sold it."), Tommy Adams, Joseph Milam, Alan Moffett, Carolyn Ogles , Robert Rhaney, Justin Rushin, David Russell and FranÃois Woei-A-Sack

AIKEN: Doug Allan, Dan Canalejo and Stephen King

EVANS: Sarah Kate Chambley, David Cooper, Michael Cox, Elizabeth Freeman, Clint Hardy, Larry E. Heath, Gerald Lee ("But who want's an old one, when you can get a new like this" and he sent in a photo of the upcoming model), Jason McCoy, Rafael O'Sheaf, Kevin Steinmeyer and Wayne Wilke


CRAWFORDVILLE, GA.: Darrell Stewart

GIBSON, GA.: Lanurd (Chico) Newsome

GROVETOWN: Ron Abrahamson and Mike Isdell

HARLEM: Ann Browning ("(Husband) Frank has Challengers and Chargers and all that, and is restoring two of them now.") and Bill Chaney

HEPHZIBAH: Leo Bennett, Bobby Boyd and Keith Nagai

JACKSON: Jerry Barber

LANGLEY: Wesley Greene

LOUISVILLE, GA.: Eddie Segrest

MARTINEZ: David Arrant, Joe Bertolone, Richard Kitchens, Wayne Joiner ("I owned one in 1970, same color and features as the one shown in the photo."), Ed Lake, Toby MacKendree, Ray Newman, Terry Senesac and Don Wilcox

NORTH AUGUSTA: David Clark and John Hogan

SARDIS, GA.: Mike Quick

WARRENVILLE: Angela White and Chris White

WAYNESBORO, GA.: Chip Barefield

NO CITY LISTED: Michael Hines

Whew! Now, to slow things down a bit, let's move from the sporty to the pedestrian. If you can identify this week's What Is It? photo of a new car, write to glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com or call (706) 823-3419 and leave a message.

If calling, tell us how to spell your name and include your city and telephone number. The deadline is noon Wednesday.

The names of all correct guessers will be published next Friday, and the first to correctly identify What Is It? will receive a little gift from The Chronicle.

Thanks to all for worshipping at the altar of automobiles.



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