Homeowner gleans decor tips off shows

Cheryl Epps loves unwinding on the couch in what she calls her relaxing room.


"I like to watch live concerts at night - I've got some on DVD - with my surround sound. And my soap operas. And Lifetime - don't forget Lifetime," she said in the living room of her townhouse in Wheeler Lake Townhomes.

It's on the couch of the 1,100-square-foot townhome that she's gotten every one of her decorating ideas, down to the colors of the walls - by watching Home & Garden Television.

The walls in the master bedroom are tomato red, the master bath's are butterscotch, the guest bedroom's are pea green and the guest bath's are canary yellow.

"HGTV - that's what made me do it. That's where I get all my color ideas," she said. "If you watch that station, you can do anything. It gives you all kinds of ideas."

The two-bedroom, two-bath home has a breakfast bar and high cathedral ceilings. The living room fireplace and back patio were the main attractions, she said, as was the location: She feels safe taking walks.

The place, Ms. Epps said, is perfect for her. "I looked at other houses. I didn't want stairs because I'm getting older, so I wanted something flat. I didn't want a big house because I'm single. And the area is quiet."

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WHO: Cheryl Epps

THE HOUSE: 1,100-square-foot two-bedroom, two-bath townhouse in Wheeler Lake Townhomes

IT'S A FACT: Ms. Epps bought the townhouse two years ago after she grew tired of renting an apartment.



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