What is it?

The front lights on last week's What Is It? photo were from the 2007 Chrysler 300, and many readers knew that right off the bat.


The first to notify us was Toby MacKendree, of Martinez, who wins a gift from The Augusta Chronicle for his efforts.

Other readers who correctly guessed the 300 were: Benjamin Cook, Manny Klar, Michael Mann and Ronnie Myers, all of Augusta; Dwight Riles, Wayne Wilke and Ken Ziegler, all of Evans; Parmelia DosSantos, of Grovetown; Vince Reeves, of Hephzibah; Chris Leitza and Brandon Moriarity, both of Martinez; and Dennis Glore, of North Augusta.

Other guesses for the lights included the Volkswagen Golf and GTI and the BMW 325 and 525. Thanks to everyone who played.

Now, let's see whether you do so well with the headlights at right. If you can identify this 2007 vehicle, send an e-mail to glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com. Or you can call (706) 823-3419 and leave a detailed message.

Important: Please tell us how to spell your name and include your city and telephone number. The deadline will be noon Wednesday.

The names of correct guessers will be published Friday, and the first to correctly identify What Is It? will receive a little gift from The Chronicle as a way of saying thanks for reading.



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