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THE SHOW: The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show, 10:30 p.m., Comedy Central

THE PLOT: The show stars two character actors in character - the comb-over redneck known as T-Bone (David Koechner) and his sidekick, the truck driver (Dave "Gruber" Allen), whose modesty is hidden with a guitar.

Believe it or not, the naked truck driver is the sensible one of the two. They stand in front of a studio audience for a half hour and do a Sonny & Cher Show dialogue: a run of putdowns and crazy stories (which are shown in flashback filmed segments). A naked guy with a guitar and a guy with a bad comb-over finally get their own show!

THE VERDICT: Analyzing the absurdity just ruins the flow. Go into watching it without trying to figure out what you're seeing. Naked is funny, but it's more just plain bizarre.

- Terry Morrow,

Knoxville News-Sentinel



The easiest way to cook bacon is to lay it all out on a baking sheet or in a few frying pans, and then bake it in the oven. Though it takes a little longer than pan-frying does, you have the advantages of smoke containment, and the ability to cook more bacon at once. When it's a weekend morning, sometimes we don't even bother heating the oven; we just turn it to 400 degrees and put the bacon in. By the time the coffee is made and the eggs are scrambled, the bacon's ready to eat.


TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Actress Betty White is 85. Actress-singer Eartha Kitt is 80. Actor James Earl Jones is 76. Former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor is 59. Singer Steve Earle is 52. Actor-comedian Steve Harvey is 50. Actor Jim Carrey is 45. Musician Kid Rock is 36. Actor Freddy Rodriguez (Six Feet Under) is 32. Actress Zooey Deschanel, (Elf, The Good Girl) is 27.


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