Shopgirl: Fashion collaboration from Uniqlo, Lemaire clean, sophisticated

WHAT’S NEW: The latest collaboration from Uniqlo has some of the best looks I’ve seen this season from box stores.


Uniqlo + Lemaire brings together the clean lines we’re used to from Uniqlo and the sophisticated silhouettes of Lemaire, a burgeoning newer French design house.

My favorite pieces are a long belted wrap cashmere coat and a cropped sweater with big, wide sleeves that you can convert into a really statement-y scarf. The line is available Oct. 2, and the price ranges from $39 to $189. I expect this line to disappear pretty quickly, so get right on it when it goes live on


WHAT’S TRENDY: The best way to feel like you’re at Fashion Week, whether it’s London or New York or wherever else, is to follow design houses on Snapchat. This year, Burberry even gave a sneak preview of their Spring/Summer 2016 line via Snapchat before the catwalks even began.

After you’ve followed your favorite designers, be sure to check in with Snapchat’s official Fashion Week snap story throughout the days to get guest snaps by people ranging from Cara Delevigne to Zac Posen. You’ll see behind the scenes in a way that magazines and blogs just can’t bring you.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: It’s hard to beat Westobou Festival as far as national talent in Augusta goes, and this year the lineup is incredible. You’d be hard pressed to get to see Ben Folds for $45 anywhere else, and for just $10 with student or military identification. If music isn’t really your thing, there are tons of free and low-cost visual art and film events throughout the week. On Oct. 3, there’s a free double feature of A Streetcar Named Desire and On The Waterfront as a part of the Marlon Brando showcase. Find all of these great events at



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