Shopgirl: Technology, fashion an obvious pairing



Have you noticed that wearable technology is starting to crop up on the runway?

Diane von Furstenberg stuck her models with Google Glass for the spring/summer 2013 show, and more recently Fendi sent models down the spring/summer 2015 runway with custom Beats by Dre headphones. The basic Beats look was customized with Fendi’s logo stamped onto their signature hand-stitched Selleria leather and will be available in select retailers by the end of the year.

It’s kind of a “duh” moment, though, since we’re all so dependent on technology. Why wouldn’t we want it stylized by the great fashion houses? Apple has even sidled up to the fashion industry recently by poaching ex-Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to revitalize its retail efforts.

I’ll be curious to see which designers continue to pursue integrating technology into their designs.



I think PowerPoint might be one of the most universally hated programs in existence. It takes up a ton of space, creates clearly outdated presentations and somehow always jams up or switches things around without asking permission.

Thankfully, Adobe has a free app that will turn your iPad into the flyest presentation conductor ever. Voice is free in the App Store, and besides being way more attractive and professional-looking than other presentation apps, it has more capabilities – turning animated videos into child’s play.

Check it out at



Celebrate July 4th in downtown Augusta this year with the City of Augusta’s Independence Day Celebration. Kick things off at 4 p.m., enjoy festival food from vendors, live music and a children’s area for your kids to blow off steam.

When the sun sets, get your America on with a fireworks show. No coolers and no pets. For more information, visit


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