Shopgirl: Curious about SRS? You can take a tour

You no doubt read about Savannah River Site in the news, know someone who works there or are just curious about the site.


Did you know that the public is invited to take one tour per year, led by site professionals and covering both the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory and the main site?

Dates are about twice a month – March 31, April 7, 27, May 12, 26, June 16, 23, July 14, 28, Aug. 11, 25, Sept. 15, 29, Oct. 13, 27, Nov. 9 and Dec. 8. You can get more information at or by calling (803) 952-8994.

What a great way to learn more about a project that adds so much to our community and our economy!


WHAT’S TRENDY: This was a tough primary election for many of us, but if you need help deciding on a candidate this fall I may have a solution from an unlikely source.

Tinder has teamed up with Rock the Vote to allow you to “swipe” through issues and positions and match you with the candidate who most shares your views.

Even if you’re pretty sure whom you will vote for, it can be interesting to take this blind test and see where you come out. The swiping process asks you to go right or left on 10 different issues, ranging from gun control to drilling for oil. If you have Tinder, you’ll find it right in the app, and if you don’t, download it for free in the different app stores.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: I’m so ready for spring – spring colors, spring textiles, spring weather. One of my favorite spring trends this year is watercolor patterns, manifesting in painterly florals and abstract designs that modernize more traditional spring looks.

Adidas Originals even has a pair of running tights that look like something you might find in an art gallery: their Confite three-stripe leggings.

ASOS has a full line of watercolor-themed pieces, from dresses to socks to scarves to anoraks.