Shopgirl: Give Kangaroo Light a jump-start



Kangaroo Light is a fascinating kickstarter campaign I recently discovered, and it’s hoping to be a kinder, gentler replacement for that blinding flashlight app on your iPhone.

With a silicone exterior, this glowy light looks like a quilted hexagonal potholder with Christmas lights inside. You can fold it, bend it and clean it, and it even charges via USB through your computer.

Of course, as a kickstarter campaign it only gets produced if you pre-order ($67 including delivery) and voice your support for the company. Go to for the complete details.



The LBD gets traded out for the little white dress in the summer time, and this year there is a bumper crop ranging from Alexander Wang to Zara.

Mr. Wang has a deceptively simple-looking dress that is all Grecian elegance from the front but has a cutout design (of his name! nobody call him modest) and bold black straps that deliver quite the one-two punch. I’m also pretty partial to Diane von Furstenberg’s white poplin wrap dress, which somehow combines a sheath and DvF’s signature wrap dress into the best of both worlds.

And then, for those occasions where you want to spend less than a few hundred on your look, Zara has a crochet lace sundress that can be dressed up or down for whatever you need. Don’t let “crochet” fool you – there’s nothing 1970s or geriatric about this dress, and the A-line silhouette would be flattering on just about anyone.



Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History and Historic Augusta are holding a two-day event to raise awareness and consider solutions for Augusta’s irreplaceable African-American historical resources and landmarks next weekend.

It’s a free event, and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about neighborhoods including Turpin Hill, take a tour and hear stories about the history of local African-American communities. The event will be based at Williams Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and Shiloh Community Center, and you can find more details at or