Shopgirl: New app simplifies photo-gathering



“Oh hey text me that photo of all of us from last night.” We’ve all been there. There’s a new app, though, that will make it easier to get all of your friends’ photos and videos from joint happenings like parties and concerts.

Tapsule links you and your friends together, and then allows you to all download each others’ multimedia content once it’s been uploaded to the app. It also allows you to collage it into a neat little presentation (kind of like a time capsule, get it?) for a more socially shareable version (think Instagram video or something like that). It’s free in the App Store, so download it before your next fun summer thing.



MAC has come out with a Maleficent makeup line inspired by the upcoming Disney movie, and it makes as stunning an impact as the character herself.

Lashes, eye shadow palettes, the perfect red lipstick and an amazing red gloss are some of the pieces – and all of the packaging has the cool Maleficent logo to make you feel super villainy.

I like this idea of makeup inspired by film, and was a big fan of CoverGirl’s collection based off Hunger Games. For movies with such a unique visual impact, it’s fun to be able to go out and buy it for yourself.



Growing up here, I always loved when Colonial Times came around so we could dress up and feel like the Revolutionary War was a near and present danger.

Next weekend, Colonial Times: Under the Crown is coming to the Living History Park in North Augusta, complete with a visit from King George. This event is a good way to make Colonial Times a little more “grown up” – roasted game, fire-cooked vegetables and 18th century dancing will make you feel like you’ve really gone back in time.

For ticket info (the meal, that is: the weekend itself is free) go to