Shopgirl: New place for outdoor gear



A new outdoors outfitter store is opening in Augusta, and this one serves a purpose I’m not sure anyone else does in the area.

Outdoor Augusta is a consignment store looking to offer kayaks, tents, skateboards, disc golf and other used equipment in good condition at great prices. They’re shooting to open soon but don’t have an exact date yet. They will be located at 4414 Evans to Locks Road, where The Bean Baskette used to be. Find them on Facebook to stay updated or e-mail them at



One of my favorite springtime local events is coming up this weekend – the Pendleton King Park Plant Sale.

Held by Master Gardeners, park volunteers, the Augusta-Richmond County Recreation Department and the Pendleton King Park Foundation, this is the place to be on May 3 for anyone who loves plants. These plants aren’t just marigolds in a six-pack, but are strains and variations of many plants hand-raised by local gurus who will be on hand to answer questions. Don’t miss this.

There’s even a children’s craft workshop sponsored by Home Depot. Look the event up on Facebook or go to and find more details in their calendar. The sale kicks off at 9 a.m.



I am a huge fan of my latest app purchase, a beauty everything app called Amazing Face. This $3 app works as a cool older sister, MAC makeup artist, beauty columnist and mom rolled into one.

From advice on how to cover up a cold sore to how-to videos on the perfect cat-eye, this thing is a life saver. It’s created by a beauty columnist and author Zoe Foster and it will be your new favorite app as well. The interface is fun, simple to navigate and even includes an easy-to-use shopping list. Find it in the App Store, and never have a beauty fiasco again.