Shopgirl: Clean lines, natural style for spring

Alcohoot's breath analyzer attaches to your smartphone.



Spring is most exciting season to shop for, don’t you agree?

From eyelet to linen to sandals to airy dresses, it’s all the fun of summer without having to dress for the blistering heat.

This year, I’m loving the juxtaposition of geometric prints and ladylike styling. We’re seeing jewelry get lighter and more clean-lined, moving away from the heavy statement necklaces of last year.

Feel free to still wear them, of course, but I suggest pairing them with a very simple outfit to update the look.

Look for racks to have more prints, sandals to be moving away from the gladiator style that dominated everything for the past few years, and hair and makeup to be much more natural.



Spring break just ended, but not too long from now will be summer break. Summer break is the best thing ever, until it’s the most boring thing ever – that can take anywhere from three hours to two weeks, depending on your kid.

Solution? Come to Augusta Family Magazine’s summer camp expo this Saturday at The Snelling Center on Washington Road to get all the details on local day camps and activities for kids during the summer months.

It’s free, and you can win door prizes. The expo starts at 10 a.m. and all ages are welcome.



I’m sure you exercise restraint and caution when it comes to drinking, and hand over the keys when in any doubt about your fitness behind the wheel.

Wouldn’t it be nice know for sure where you stand after a night out with friends?

Alcohoot is a brand-new device that is discreet, accurate and much more than just a breathalyzer.

It plugs into your smartphone and looks like an external battery pack, but it uses the exact same technology law enforcement does to test your blood alcohol content.

In addition, Alcohoot helps you track your long-term alcohol use patterns so you can see what affects you and how. When you do score too high on the BAC scale, Alcohoot’s companion app can call a taxi with one click and direct you to open restaurants within walking distance.

On top of all this, the little device only costs $119 and is available in three colors. Check it out at to buy and learn more.