Shopgirl: Love to read? New app makes it quick and easy



I love reading. Whether it’s the latest book on what will really make us happy or efficient, or the fiction everyone is talking about, nothing beats a good book.

Rooster is a new app that fits reading into your busy day. By clipping books into 15-minute increments, Rooster allows you to work through a book by chipping away in blog post-length pieces.

It’s invite-only right now, but go to to get on the list. Subscription is $4.99 per month, and you decide when and how often excerpts are sent to you. If you love reading but don’t have time, this is a great app for you.



It’s cool to be smart right now (no complaints here!), and what better way to prove your place in intelligentsia than by wearing it?

Out of Print Clothing is a company that prints lovely book cover designs onto sweatshirts, t-shirts, notecards, tote bags and more. From The Great Gatsby to A Clockwork Orange, you can find just about any well-known book imaginable on this Web site.

What a great graduation gift, right? You’ll probably want to keep one for yourself, though. Shirts start at $28, notecards are $12.50 and you can even get a “bookcase” of matchbooks that look like the classics for $8. Go to



Monday is your last chance to get Aiken Steeplechase tickets online for only $25 per person – a $10 discount from the gate price. The Steeplechase is one of this area’s most fabulous events and is hard to beat at $25 (or $35, for that matter).

What better way to spend this beautiful spring weather than outside, picnicking in the grass while watching the horse race? Hopefully the great sunshine will stick around, but the race goes on rain or shine. Visit to get your tickets and read more about the event.