Shopgirl: It's time for TEDx

TEDxTelfair Street is this Friday, and if you didn’t get one of the 100 tickets for the actual event, you can still participate in this meeting of the minds.


There are four locations for live video streaming, and this ticket price is exactly zero dollars. Go to for more information, because you do still have to register.

The four locations are Georgia Regents University Medical Campus, Georgia Regents University Summerville Campus, Augusta Main Library and Columbia County Library.

Don’t miss this great event just because you didn’t get tickets for the live show.



What’s the worst part of Snapchat? Besides the obvious narcissism and boundary issues, Snapchat has only just recently become available on your desktop.

Not just on your phone anymore, unofficial Snapchat client Snapped allows you to send gratuitous selfies from your computer.

There are some other interesting details on Snapped, including the ability to recall sent snaps that you regret right after sending. Check it out at



One of the easiest ways to afford a serious shopping habit is to resell items you didn’t wind up loving. eBay used to be the only substantial online platform for compulsive fashion upgraders, but today there are more apps and communities than you could imagine.

From Poshmark to Threadflip to Tradesy, these sites offer a great way to find items that have already sold out or aren’t available in your area but it’s also a place you can unload pieces you don’t wear.

In an interview with Tracy DiNunzio, the CEO of Tradesy, the fastest-selling brands to go the second time around include Zara, Gucci, Hermès, J.Crew and Louis Vuitton.

Make sure your items are clean, well-photographed, listed within the past year or so and reasonably priced. If you follow these basic guidelines, you can make money from your castoffs instead of just donating them.