Shopgirl: Looking forward to Craft & Vine, and fall



Have you heard about Craft & Vine, the newest brainchild of the creators of Farmhaus and Frog Hollow Tavern? It’s still in progress, of course, but downtown Augusta should be getting a new wine and tapas bar that will no doubt stand up to the high standard set by the other two members of this restaurant family.

According to its Facebook page, the restaurant, which is still in the formative stages, will go right next door to Farmhaus on the 1200 block of Broad Street. Like it on Facebook so you can stay up to date with the process.



Say goodbye to your seersucker, your linen and your whites. It seems like we only got a few good wears out of them this year, doesn’t it?

To keep them in shiny shape for next year, make sure to get any jackets or suiting dry-cleaned, and wash and press the rest. You want your stored clothes to spend their time in the attic fresh and clean with no oils or dirt to deteriorate the fibers.

While you’re up there, go ahead and bring down some fall clothes and get a head start on the pre-season cleaning. Just like you cleaned them before storing, give everything a good wash to get that storage smell out and check to see if anything needs to be steamed (just kidding, it all does).



Smartphones are great for organizing every inch of our lives, and party planning is no exception.

Instead of hiring a small army and an event coordinator to pull off your event in smooth style, there are a few apps that can help make your night a success for a fraction of the cost.

Speakeasy is the best bar app I’ve found, and although it costs $9.99, it has everything you need to make just about any drink known to man. Video how-to’s, recipes, pro tips and techniques – this one has it all.

Another one of my favorites is PitchIn, an app that helps you delegate items on your to-do list to the rest of the party committee. Remind people to pick up ice, bring a dessert or even send you money if it’s an event like white water rafting or a sporting event where people need to reimburse you for their share. This app is free and can be found in the iTunes App store.