Shopgirl: Wearable technology, local art and karaoke



Are you and your iPhone so connected it’s like an extension of your own hand? The latest whispers from Cupertino will get you very excited.

Apple is reportedly exploring a new concept using curved glass to create a wristwatch.

Now I highly doubt Apple is just getting into the wristwatch market, so this device will likely be a streamlined notification center with Siri so your iPhone can stay in your pocket, your bag or even on your desk.

The facts are very few right now, but it’s an interesting step in the direction of more mainstreamed wearable technology.


It’s great to support local artists, and one of my hometown favorites is a husband and wife duo, bensonbenson. Kenny and Ellie Benson produce detailed screen prints out of their garage studio in Harrisburg.

Each piece is handmade, and right now they are featuring a design Ellie created called “Geometry Bears.” Ellie was inspired by her two daughters, and the joy she has found in being their mother.

Kenny and Ellie sell their work through their etsy shop at, where you can place an order and read more about them.


Karaoke is some of the best fun you can have, and Columbia County holds free karaoke nights at the Columbia County Amphitheater every other Saturday night during the summer.

July 27 is the last night for this summer, so come at 7 p.m. to get your song slot on a first come, first served basis. The performing begins at 7:30. While you’re listening, you can enjoy the food and beverage vendors, and there are prizes and special guests.

Go to for more information.