Shopgirl: The Book Tavern is moving



The Book Tavern announced this past week it will be moving into The White’s Building in the spring, an increase of space for them and some new blood in The White’s Building. Store owner David Hutchison said in the announcement that the move will allow for more books, more reading space and room for book clubs to meet. The store will be closed for a while in between locations in order to set up.

The Book Tavern is trying to sell as much inventory as possible before the move so they have less to haul down a few blocks to The White’s Building.



Remember how film and early digital photos had that neon time/date stamp on the bottom? If you were camera savvy, you could take it off, but I’d say the vast majority of our childhood family photos have that emblazoned on them.

Well, just like all trends, this one has come back.

Your digital photos, whether from your digital camera or smartphone, have that time/date info saved as a part of its properties, but if you want to remember at a glance, there’s an app for that.

Travelgram is a free app in iTunes that allows you to snap a photo and have location, time and date information appear right on the photo. It uses your location to figure everything out, and you can choose from a variety of filters and fonts.



It looks like dresses are going to be a big part of what we see in stores this spring, and looks overall are going for a more streamlined look rather than a bunch of layering ideas.

I’m seeing a lot of lines pushing collections that feature really fun dresses in great prints, but the separates are tailored and very match-y. I’m loving the Prabal Gurung for Target’s spring collection, what Banana Republic has in separates and Ann Taylor’s dresses. Thankfully, all of those are at a super reasonable price point.

When you keep separates streamlined, it’s especially fun because you get to use necklaces and bracelets to spice things up, and jewelry has taken a real back burner in the past few seasons.