Shopgirl: Neiman Marcus at Target; Christmas photos; and savings at Earth Fare



The Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration is in full swing at our local Target stores. You might have seen the lime green and white bicycles at the front of the stores, or the black and white and green luggage stacked up in the women’s clothing department.

It seems that the minds behind this project have decided to make a mini-Neiman’s inside Target, and not just a featured name throughout the store. When Target has done spotlight collections in the past (and right now), designers had a few women’s pieces, a coffee mug and maybe some outdoor furniture. The Neiman’s collection is all in one place (when I was in Target, it was in the women’s section), where you can find everything from dresses to iPad cases.

Everything looked neat and was reasonably priced. Just like the Missoni collection and others in the past, I predict this won’t be as hot in Augusta as in larger cities such as New York or Atlanta. That means there will be a good chance you can snap up these items on clearance in a few weeks, so be patient!



Christmas cards are such a fun tradition, especially if they come with recent photos of your friends and family. Unless you keep them up all year long, it can be sad when it comes time to throw them away after the holidays.

This year, however, snap a photo of the picture and use it as the person’s ID photo in your phone. For most phones, you can add a photo to a person’s phone number. The next time your cousin Susan calls you, you’ll see the cute photo of her two little boys, and it’s sure to make you smile.



Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to eat better? Earth Fare may seem like a pricey way to shop for groceries but it will surprise you with its sales.

Sign up for the store’s e-mail coupons and text club on its Web site,, and you’ll get a heads-up when the store runs deals like buy one get one free lobster tail (just a few weeks ago) or the makings for a full Italian pasta dinner for only $5.

I love getting the text messages, and the store never spams you with coupon-less texts.

The deals aren’t just about food – they run specials on wine, organic home products and plants.