Shopgirl: The latest iPhone, a fun new restaurant and when to shop for fall clothes



Apple is having one of its highly secretive, highly talked-about press events Wednesday, and by all appearances the headline news will be the iPhone 5. Apple does such a good job of keeping tight-lipped that rumors have about a 50/50 chance of panning out, but it's still fun to guess at what the newest iPhone will have to offer.

One rumor that has been going around for the past few press events is that this phone will have a larger screen, as large as 4 inches diagonal instead of the 3.5 inches of current iPhones. Most other rumors are about hardware and increased processing speeds, but Apple apparently also has filed patents for new earbuds with less echo and sound leakage.



Buca di Beppo, a family-style Italian restaurant, will open in the Augusta Mall on Sept. 17. Buca announced the restaurant was coming early this year, and it will be fun to have in the area.

Buca also has a great rewards program, and when you sign up you get a free appetizer or specialty bread with your next visit. In addition to this perk, you get special offers, coupons and something special on your birthday.

Buca di Beppo is a place to have big family get-togethers, laid-back meals with friends or just plain, old-fashioned Italian food brought piping hot to your table.



Back-to-school sales, Labor Day sales and the new fall collections have me itching to start putting together my cooler-weather closet. I'm holding back though, and I caution you to do the same, because the best sales are yet to come.

Retailers move a lot of merchandise in August and September, but in a few weeks that rush will die off and by early to mid October, sweaters and corduroy will be at their lowest prices until after the season is over. In addition to the fall items, summer clearance will be marked down so much they’ll practically give it away.

And with our weather the way it is, you still might be able to wear those pieces a few times before the temperature drops.