Shopgirl: Topshop/Nordstrom pairing, the MirrorBook Air, Christmas in July in downtown Aiken

The MirrorBook Air is a compact mirror designed to look just like a MacBook Air It is sold by



Brand partnerships are all the rage right now, and UK supertrend brand Topshop and U.S. department store pillar Nordstrom are the latest to tie a temporary knot.

Topshop merchandise will be featured in 14 Nordstrom stores across the U.S. – Atlanta is one of them – bringing edgy runway-to-rack pieces to the more conservative Nordstrom stores. Nordstrom has been looking for new ways to revamp its image and bring in younger, newer shoppers. Topshop might be just what the doctor ordered, with a euro-chic flair hard to get anywhere else and in fact only available in three stores in the U.S.

Topshop lacks a strong U.S. presence, and Nordstrom needs some rejuvenation. This pairing will be interesting to observe. Merchandise will be delivered weekly, giving shoppers a reason to come in on a regular basis. The Topshop/Nordstrom team-up will open in September.



Seeking out Apple bumper stickers, faithfully buying each and every new gadget that comes out – the habit can become expensive. One French company has come out with a product to show your Mac pride in subtle style – the MirrorBook Air.

The MirrorBook Air is exactly what it sounds like – a tiny MacBook Air that opens up to be a compact mirror. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it looks exactly like a miniature MacBook Air except with a mirror instead of a screen. It even comes in a tiny box modeled after the one your real MacBook Air came in and has little USB ports and a printed FCC label.

French company sells it for less than $30.



The Aiken Downtown Development Association is having its second annual Christmas in July this coming week, July 23-28 all along downtown.

The ADDA said Christmas in July started last year when shop owners came to the organization, wanting to distract people from the hot July temperatures and celebrate Christmas twice a year.

Shop owners will have special deals “reminiscent of Christmas sales,” according the ADDA, and some will even have holiday-themed window displays. Stores including Lionel Smith Ltd., Equine Devine, The Curiosity Shop and MB Jewelry and Beads will participate.

The ADDA said there might be an elf from Santa’s workshop roaming downtown, rewarding shoppers for supporting local businesses.