Shopgirl: Charity, grad gifts and Sundays at the Morris



Saving spare change in a jar can add up to a nice-sized sum, but what if you could donate small amounts you save every day through your iPhone?

Instead is an app that allows you to calculate how much money you save by making small sacrifices, such as eating at home instead of out, and donates that amount to a charity of your choice.

Instead is a nonprofit pending 501(c)(3) status, and 95 percent of donations go directly to the charity. Of the 5 percent Instead keeps, none of it goes to pay­roll; the majority goes for ex­penses such as server main­tenance and processing fees.

The organization believes people are more likely to give when it feels small and painless. Check out the app in the App Store and at



Graduations are upon us, and the gift-giving that comes with them can be difficult. Cash is an easy option, but this is a time when young adults are starting to live more independently, and a thoughtful gift can stick around in the many apartments they are bound to inhabit and remind them of home. is a gold mine of art that refers to geographical regions, and there are plenty of items to remind your grad of the South in general, Georgia and even our fair city.

As always, check local stores for unique items before going online. You never know what you might find.



Don’t forget that the Morris Museum of Art offers free admission on Sundays. It frequently offers free music and special lectures on Sundays, plus artisan markets and book sales.

The museum’s calendar is available on its Web site, Sunday Sketch is a recurring event where patrons are encouraged to sketch in the galleries. Check in at the activity room for guidance and supplies. The next Sunday Sketch is May 20.

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