Shopgirl: Facebook buys Instagram, Candlelight Jazz PRE(view) series, Ready To Wear Again



If you’ve been reading the paper for the past few days, no doubt you’ve heard that Facebook has bought smartphone app and photo-sharing company Instagram for $1 billion. That’s a lot of money, even for Facebook, whose value has been estimated in the $100 billion neighborhood.

It’s an even larger sum when you take into account that Instagram doesn’t make money: not a penny of revenue comes through the photo-sharing social network.

I’m guessing that Face­book values Insta­gram’s 30-million-user reach and popularity among an increasingly anti-Facebook crowd. Instagram’s elegant photo-sharing system makes Facebook look clunky. I’m no admirer of Facebook’s shady privacy dealings, but here’s hoping this big-ticket deal will turn out to be a win-win for everyone.


The Candlelight Jazz PRE(view) concerts are back, and A Step Up will perform April 22. A Step Up is a great drums-trumpet duo that has performed with a long list of great acts, and the music will start at 7 p.m. The concert is on the Eighth Street River Stage on Riverwalk Augusta, and admission is $6. There will be a performance April 29 featuring Jerusalem Sounds and Sounds of Zamar. Groups performing at the PRE(view) series are usually available for wedding receptions and parties, so it’s a great way to check them out.

Candlelight Jazz’s regular season calendar begins May 6 and continues through August. Find out more at


Ready To Wear Again, a strong member of the midtown retail community for many years, is liquidating its inventory and some fixtures in preparation for a location change and general redirection.

Ready To Wear Again is at 2107 Kings Way beside 5 O’Clock Bistro, and is discounting all of its pieces drastically. I went in earlier this week, and some pieces were down to 40 percent off, 20 percent off and even selling for $1.

The consignment store has a great selection of vintage clothing, high-quality labels and home decor and art. The Facebook page says they’re still in the middle of deciding where exactly to go from here (geographically and in general), and I hope they don’t go too far.