Shopgirl: New tapas restaurant, cute rubber boots, after-Easter bargains




TASTE, a casual tapas and wine bar, is the newest addition to the Hammonds Ferry neighborhood.

Its mantra is “do no harm to our planet,” and it strives for seasonality and sustainability in all of its ingredients and processes. The menu ranges from house-made artisan pizzas to South Carolina shrimp and asparagus risotto, with from-scratch cocktails made with handcrafted syrups and juices.

On April 21, TASTE will hold an Earth Dinner to celebrate Earth Day and showcase the early spring harvest.

Proceeds benefit the national chefs’ network Chefs Collaborative, which promotes sustainable living. Go to the TASTE Facebook page to join the event and read more about it.

TASTE is across from Manuel’s Bread Café at 465 Railroad Ave. No reservations are required, but you can call at (803) 341-9881.



This time of year brings out the gardener in everyone, whether your thumb is green or black.

As you’re mucking around in the garden, your rubber boots will get a lot of wear. Take a look at your current pair and see if it might be time for a cute upgrade.

Zoubaby monogrammed rubber boots are the perfect way to personalize an otherwise drab part of your wardrobe.

I’m not a big fan of the garishly bright rubber boots that are becoming more popular, mainly because I have a hunch they’re going to look a little bit silly in a few years. Zoubaby boots are just the opposite: trim cut, shiny black rubber with a classic monogram on the side. You have four options for the monogram style, a wide variety of thread color and even children’s sizing available.

Zoubaby is also reaching out to sororities, offering embroidery options in your chapter’s letters. Go to to see all of the thread colors and place your order.



The week after Easter is when you can buy chocolate bunnies for pennies, but it’s a good time to stock up on baskets, too. Most stores are selling basic straw baskets you can use year-round for just about anything: package a hard-to-wrap gift, carry vegetables home from the farmer’s market without crushing them or even serve dinner rolls.

After Easter is also a great time to pick up discounted potted plants such as lilies and tulips. Cut flowers in Easter shades also are often marked down. Publix is my favorite place to get cut flowers – it guarantees your flowers will last a week without wilting, and mine have always lasted way longer than that.

Little touches like fresh flowers invite the spirit of spring into your home, even if you don’t have the time or space to garden.