Business card app, lucky number rings, L'Amour at Cafe Lamar



LinkedIn recently acquired the CardMunch app, originally created by three app designers to transcribe physical business cards into iPhone contacts.

The app uses the phone’s camera to photograph business cards, and the images are sent to transcribers who then link the information to both your address book and LinkedIn account.

You have the option to connect with the people on LinkedIn or just keep them as a contact.

I uploaded a stack of business cards this morning and I got some back within an hour. The information is spot on and is stored with a small photo of the original business card.

The CardMunch people estimate they’ve scanned more than four tons of business cards, and the top user has more than 1,000 cards in the list. I’m not sure how they figure this, but they say they have saved 67,348 hours for consumers.

I like having physical cards for the same reason I like reading a physical newspaper, but the convenience factor is huge. So while I don’t think I’ll throw away the cards I scanned, I do think I’ll enjoy having all of that information wherever I am and not just at my desk.


Lulu Frost is one of the hippest jewelry designers out there, with prices within reach and styles just about anyone would love. The brand has a good selection of items that make perfect birthday or graduation presents, and with Valentine’s looming on the horizon you might want to take a look.

Their code series has necklaces, rings and earrings that feature simple 14K gold numbers (digits zero through nine).

Everyone has a lucky number, an important date or some other numeric significance that can become a neat piece of jewelry. Earrings are sold individually, so each ear could be different. The rings are easy to stack, and the necklace charms could layer well, too (charm and ring shown above). The closest store is Etc. East in Atlanta, but you can go to to see the entire line.


Speaking of Valentine’s Day, it’s not too early to start making plans and reservations.

Historic Augusta is holding its L’Amour at Cafe Lamar on Feb. 11, and the proceeds will benefit children’s programming at the Boyhood Home of Woodrow Wilson. The event will feature a special tour of the Wilson House, with chances for everyone to win prizes, and there will be heavy hors d’ouevres with an open bar. Music will be provided by Ben Casella and George Dale.

Tickets are only $45 per person or $35 for guests 30 or younger, so reserve your tickets soon by calling Historic Augusta at (706) 724-0436. It’s a great way to benefit one of Augusta’s most underrated attractions and still leaves the actual holiday open for a more traditional wine and roses date.