Author goes A to Z in Masters Tournament book



The idea for Julie Alfriend Ferris’ book was born in April 2011 while she was giving her daughter, Kathryn, a bath.

Kathryn, who was 5 at the time, knew her father and brother had attended the Masters Tournament that week, but she had a multitude of questions about it.

“I didn’t think there was a children’s book about it,” said Ferris, a former Thomson resident who lives near Atlanta and wrote the book, Badges, Egg Salad and Green Jackets: The Masters A to Z.

She did a search on the Internet, and when it came up empty, Ferris decided to contact Mascot Books about her idea.

“I knew they’d done books about the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. When I told them about my idea, they said ‘Go for it,’ ” she said.

Ferris drew from her teaching background in writing the book. The former Grovetown Elementary School teacher wanted her readers not only to learn about the golf tournament but also to brush up on fundamental skills, such as the alphabet.

“I wanted to do the A to Z format being a teacher,” she said. “There were 26 key words.”

While watching the tournament on television, she sat down with a notebook and mapped out her book. Some of the letters came easily such as “E” for “egg salad,” which was in some of the sandwiches she served to patrons when she worked at the tournament as a teenager.

Others, such as the letter “I,” were more of a challenge. She chose “Ike” in honor of former President Eisenhower, also known as Ike.

Though her book is targeted at children, Ferris has discovered that many people buy it for a different audience and a different reason than she intended. Ferris said people have been buying the book for their fathers and grandfathers, and she owes some of that to her illustrator, Joshua Henry Thomas, a graduate of Thomson High School and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Thomas attended First United Methodist Church in Thomson with Ferris, so she knew of his work. Mascot has its own illustrators, but when Thomas painted a cover for the book, both Mascot and Ferris were sold.

“The illustrations truly sell the book,” she said.

Badges, Egg Salad and Green Jackets: The Masters A to Z retails for $14.95 and is available locally at several gift and toys stores.



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