Debutantes presented at Cotillion

Mr. James Laird Jones, Mrs. James Laird Jones (Debbi), the president of the Augusta Symphony Guild, Mrs. Hugh Lamar Hamilton Jr.(Mary Ruth), the 2012 cotillion chairwoman, and Mr. Hugh Lamar Hamilton Jr.

Twenty-one debutantes were presented at the 49th Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion on Nov. 23. The event was held at the Augusta Marriott Hotel at the Convention Center. Mrs. Hugh Lamar Hamilton Jr. was the 2012 committee chairwoman, and Shizuo Z. Kuwahara, the music director of the Symphony Orchestra Augusta, was the honorary chairman. Bradley Dean Means was the master of ceremonies. Dinner and dancing followed the presentation. The first Augusta Symphony Cotillion took place in 1963 at the Richmond Hotel. The annual cotillion benefits Symphony Orchestra Augusta. This year’s debutantes are: Morgan Kelly Rhodes (front, from left), Madison Dale Marcus, Mary Glenn Caroline Yort, Leslie Ann Claffey, Marietta Bryson Stuckey, Ashlee Jordan Azziz and Callie Harper Doyle; Kemper Elizabeth Peacock (second row), Elaina Chapman Bates, Annie Ruth Dennis-King, Abigail Ashlynn Thielke, Elizabeth McCollough Harris, Margaret MacKinnon Bailey and Lisa Bryson Sheetz; Margaret Anne Wilson (back row), Stephanie Lynne Brown, Margaret Flanagan Burch, Elizabeth Echols Weston, Caroline Elizabeth Burgreen, Dowtin Kennedy McKnight and Charlotte Lee Thornton. 


The Debutantes:

Miss Ashlee Jordan Azziz
Daughter of: Mrs. Carla Simpson Maul and Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Azziz
Presented by: Dr. Ricardo Azziz
Escorted by: Mr. James Meriwether Hull Jr. and Mr. Frank Inman Hull

Miss Margaret MacKinnon Bailey
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peyton Bailey III
Presented by: Mr. Joseph Peyton Bailey III
Escorted by: Mr. Frank Bridges Williams IV and Mr. William Christopher Cannon

Miss Elaina Chapman Bates
Daughter of: Dr. and Mrs. William Bowers Bates III
Presented by: Dr. William Bowers Bates III
Escorted by: Mr. David Pierce Mysona and Mr. Hunter Wilcox Rafoth

Miss Stephanie Lynne Brown
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen William Brown Jr.
Presented by: Mr. Stephen William Brown Jr.
Escorted by: Mr. Charles Souder Cates and Mr. Joseph Martin Manning

Miss Margaret Flanagan Burch
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. George William Burch III
Presented by: Mr. George William Burch III
Escorted by: Mr. Christopher Shaw Burch and Mr. Morgan James Kuhar

Miss Caroline Elizabeth Burgreen
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stephen Burgreen
Presented by: Mr. Mark Stephen Burgreen
Escorted by: Mr. Peter Joseph Martinez and Mr. Johnathan Paul Lynn

Miss Leslie Ann Claffey
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. David Owen Claffey
Presented by: Mr. David Owen Claffey
Escorted by: Mr. Michael Dylan Lyons and Mr. Trevor Alexander Hardigan

Miss Annie Ruth Dennis-King
Daughter of: Ms. Florence Adelle Dennis
and Mr. Paul Gregory King
Presented by: Mr. Paul Gregory King
Escorted by: Mr. William Gregory Dennis-King and Mr. Norwood Robson Dennis Jr.

Miss Callie Harper Doyle
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maurice Doyle
Presented by: Mr. Kevin Maurice Doyle
Escorted by: Mr. Conner Wilson Doyle and Mr. Bertram Dykes Harbin III

Miss Elizabeth McCollough Harris
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. William McCollough Harris
Presented by: Mr. William McCollough Harris
Escorted by: Mr. Harold Zachary Eben Engler and Mr. John Riley Myers III

Miss Madison Dale Marcus
Daughter of: Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Michael Marcus
Presented by: Dr. Dennis Michael Marcus
Escorted by: Mr. Drew Patrick Chamberlain and Mr. Austin Richard Jenkins

Miss Dowtin Kennedy McKnight
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. William Davis McKnight
Presented by: Mr. William Davis McKnight
Escorted by: Mr. Holton Lane Brinson and Mr. Julian Andres Salazar

Miss Kemper Elizabeth Peacock
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henderson Peacock
Presented by: Mr. Richard Henderson Peacock
Escorted by: Mr. Frederick Hamilton Kuhlke Harbin and Mr. William Christian Dolan

Miss Morgan Kelly Rhodes
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thomas Rhodes
Presented by: Mr. Carl Thomas Rhodes
Escorted by: Mr. Samuel Wilkes Murray and Mr. Patrick Joseph Douglas Jr.

Miss Lisa Bryson Sheetz
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Owen Sheetz
Presented by: Mr. Stephen Owen Sheetz
Escorted by: Mr. William Arthur Seidel and Mr. John Sumner Duggan

Miss Marietta Bryson Stuckey
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Williamson Sylvester Stuckey III
Presented by: Mr. Williamson Sylvester Stuckey III
Escorted by: Mr. John Peter Kameron III and Mr. Bernard Criswell Bowles

Miss Abigail Ashlynn Thielke
Daughter of: Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Lowell Thielke
Presented by: Dr. Frederick Lowell Thielke
Escorted by: Mr. John Philip Manton III and Cadet Lieutenant Eric Alexander Osteen

Miss Charlotte Lee Thornton
Daughter of: Dr. and Mrs. John William Thornton III
Presented by: Dr. John William Thornton III
Escorted by: Dr. Andrew Holding Thornton and Mr. Bradford Hunt Thornton

Miss Elizabeth Echols Weston
Daughter of: Mrs. William Weston IV and the late Mr. Weston
Presented by: Mr. William Weston V
Escorted by: Mr. William Manfred Sigg and Mr. John Sanford Neel III

Miss Margaret Anne Wilson
Daughter of: Mrs. Tamera Head Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Clay Heyward Wilson
Presented by: Dr. Clay Heyward Wilson
Escorted by: Mr. John Parker Rhodes Jr. and Mr. Jay Thomas Fickle III

Miss Mary Glenn Caroline Yort
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Atherton Yort
Presented by: Mr. Bennett Atherton Yort
Escorted by: Mr. Bennett Atherton Yort Jr. and Mr. Collin Russell Androus