22 debutantes presented at 48th Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion

The 48th Augusta Sym­phony Guild Cotillion featured 22 debutantes who were presented Nov. 25 at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center.


Dinner and dancing followed the presentation.

The event benefits Sym­phony Orchestra Augusta.

Eleanor Taylor was the 2011 chairwoman, and Shizuo Z Kuwahara, music director of Symphony Orchestra Augusta, was the honorary chairman.

This year’s debutantes are:

• Breck Elizabeth Ardrey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent James Ardrey; presented by Vincent James Ardrey; escorted by Michael Blanchard Ardrey and Charles Owen Parker Jr.

• Katelyn Lee Battle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Thomas Battle; presented by Julian Thomas Battle; escorted by Andrew Wayne Battle and Robert Lynn Swan III

• Sterling Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Michael Brown; presented by Charles Michael Brown; escorted by Steven Michael Brown and Kris Thomas Hardy Jr.

• Mary Catherine Finnerty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dennis Finnerty; presented by Robert Dennis Finnerty; escorted by Brian O’Shea Finnerty and Patrick Dennis Finnerty

• Catherine Rose Folsom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Glenn Mosley and Mark Biddle Folsom; presented by Curtis Glenn Mosley; escorted by Brent Thomas Folsom and Brian Alexander Carter

• Martha Binford Griffin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rick Warren Griffin; presented by Rick Warren Griffin; escorted by William Robert Lovett II and Zachary O’Cain Stines

• Catherine Marie Hardy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kenneth Hardy; presented by Samuel Kenneth Hardy; escorted by Stephen Kristopher Hardy and Joshua Richard Edmunds

• Allie Lorraine Howard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Keith Howard; presented by Roger Keith Howard; escorted by Benjamin Zachary Howard and Benjamin Fiske Reynolds

• Fan Elizabeth Hughes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Woodrow Hughes Jr.; presented by Joseph Woodrow Hughes Jr.; escorted by Wellman Brady Hughes and Joseph Franklin Hughes

• Kathleen Hughes Hyder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Davis Hyder Jr.; presented by James Davis Hyder Jr.; escorted by Holton Lane Brinson and Ashley Leverett Patterson Williams

• Mary Dessie Williams Kuhlke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Bernhardt Kuhlke III; presented by William Bernhardt Kuhlke III; escorted by William Christopher Cannon and Clark Inman Palmer

• Laura Winfield Lemley, daughter of Dr. Jacqueline Winfield Fincher and Dr. James Louis Lemley; presented by Dr. James Louis Lemley; escorted by Nicholas Wayne Dawson and Kyle Matthew Hickox

• Collier Elizabeth McLeod, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wright McLeod; presented by Daniel Wright McLeod; escorted by James Meriwether Hull Jr. and William Joseph Salley II

• Jacqueline Tandy Menk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Menk; presented by Paul Thomas Menk; escorted by Paul Thomas Menk Jr. and Stephen Andrew Mulherin

• Elizabeth Norris Moss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Fraser Moss III; presented by Benjamin Fraser Moss III; escorted by Austin Mulherin Moss and Martin Ellerbe Ferrara Jr.

• Caroline Irene Mullins, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Christopher Mullins; presented by Dr. Stephen Christopher Mullins; escorted by Stephen Christopher Mullins Jr. and Philip Harrison Mullins

• Mary Margaret Anne Peebles, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy Leo Peebles; presented by Dr. Jimmy Leo Peebles; escorted by Michael Justice Taylor III and William Lawrence Fletcher Jr.

• Kristen Marie Petersen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Edwards Petersen Jr.; presented by Paul Edwards Petersen Jr.; escorted by Paul Edwards Petersen III and Barrett Wesley Brannen

• Anna Brigid Pursley, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. George Clark Pursley; presented by Dr. George Clark Pursley; escorted by George Turnbull Pursley and William Weston V

• Blythe Elizabeth Reynolds, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Charles Reynolds; presented by Stanley Charles Reynolds; escorted by Bertram Dykes Harbin III and Frederick Hamilton Kuhlke Harbin

• Anna O’Neal Rosen­zweig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rosenzweig Jr.; presented by Paul Rosenzweig Jr.; escorted by Paul Rosenzweig III and Todd Levron Scott

• Bradley Beckwith Skalak, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Shaw Skalak; presented by Victor Shaw Skalak; escorted by Owens Claiborne Skalak and Scott John Klosinski Jr.



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