25 debutantes presented at annual cotillion



The 50th Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion featured 25 debutantes who were presented Nov. 29 at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center. Dinner and dancing followed the presentation. The event benefits Symphony Orchestra Augusta.

Ginger Keaton was the 2013 chair­woman and Shizuo Z. Ku­wa­hara, the music director of Symphony Orchestra Augusta, was the honorary chairman.

This year’s debutantes are:

• Anna Holley Avrett, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Avrett; presented by Mr. David Lee Avrett; escorted by David Alexander Avrett and Paul Thomas Menk Jr.

• Elizabeth Danforth Boswell, the daughter of Mrs. Thomasine Hag­ler Boswell and Mr. Robert McWhorter Boswell III; presented by Robert McWhorter Boswell III; es­corted by Robert McWhorter Bos­well IV and Jay Thomas Fickle.
• Aubrey Winn Burnside, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reuben Burnside III; presented by Thomas Reuben Burnside III; escorted by Thomas Reuben Burnside IV and John William Hardy.

• Anne Maxwell Douglass, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Latimer Douglass III; presented by Edwin Latimer Douglass III; escorted by Dallas Adam Young and Brent Adams Smith Jr.

• Katherine Baxter Eaker, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Ronald Eaker; presented by Dr. James Ronald Eaker; escorted by Robert Carroll Watters and Benjamen James Bunch.

• Sarah Virginia Ellison, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Taylor Ellison; presented by Dr. Gregory Taylor Ellison; escorted by Dr. Gregory Taylor Ellison Jr. and Bradley Hanes Thomas.

• Alexandra Satterfield Ferrara, the daughter of Mrs. Katherine Troutman Ferrara and Mr. Martin Ellerbe Ferrara; presented by Martin Ellerbe Ferrara; escorted by Martin Ellerbe Ferrara Jr. and Booker Cornelius Regan.

• Elizabeth Gibbs Hayes, the daughter of Mrs. Cynthia Gibbs Hayes and Mr. Lloyd Eugene Hayes Jr.; presented by John Thomas Gibbs III; escorted by William David Gibbs Jr. and John Paul Lynn.

• Mary Katherine Haynes, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wilson Haynes Jr.; presented by Hugh Wilson Haynes Jr.; escorted by Joshua Lee Smith and James Forrest Olliff.

• Carolyn Cecile Ireland, the daughter of Mrs. Marcia Guye Ireland and Mr. Ralph Adrian Ireland III; presented by Ralph Adrian Ireland III; escorted by Davis Ross McDougal and Michael John Lirette Jr.

• Elizabeth Grace Jolly, the daughter of Sheryl Barksdale Jolly and Clayton Leon Jolly III; presented by Clayton Leon Jolly III; escorted by Clayton Leon Jolly IV and Zachary Kevin Huffman.

• Sarah Gould Long, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Gould Long; presented by Dr. William Gould Long; escorted by Thomas Glascock Barrett Jr. and David Watson Wicker.

• Alexandra Marie Mayson, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Penland Mayson III; presented by William Penland Mayson III; escorted by William Penland Mayson IV and Zachary Hugh Copeland.

• Mary Allison McElreath, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jordan McElreath; presented by Robert Jordan McElreath; escorted by Edward Bliven Smyth and Samuel Warren Few IV.

• Eliza Huxley Nixon, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Monts Rast Jr. and Mr. Nelson Alexander Nixon; presented by Nelson Alexander Nixon; escorted by Walker Alexander Nixon and Preston Judy Frankstone.

• Mary Hamilton Reynolds, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Charles Reynolds; presented by Stanley Charles Reynolds; escorted by Frederick Hamilton Kuhlke Harbin and Bertram Dykes Harbin III.

• Sadie Nannette Rhodes, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Parker Rhodes; presented by John Parker Rhodes; escorted by John Parker Rhodes Jr. and Charles Daniel Walker Jr.

• Erin Lorianna Rollins, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen Kerlin; presented by Gerald Brown Moree; escorted by Charles Souder Cates and Taylor Mitchell Hite.

• Margaret Adeline Salley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Harvey Salley; presented by William Harvey Salley; escorted by William Joseph Salley II and Holton Lane Brinson.

• Elizabeth-Ann Peterson Sams, the daughter of Judge and Mrs. Herbert William Sams Jr.; presented by Judge Herbert William Sams Jr.; escorted by Wil­liam Christian Dolan and Robert Perry Davis.

• Ellen Paige Sentell, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perry Sentell III; presented by Robert Perry Sentell III; escorted by Jack Gordon Eisenman III and Davis Drake Parker.

• Madeline Hart Sims, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marion Sims Jr.; presented by Fred Marion Sims Jr.; escorted by Franklin Powell Sims and Mid­ship­man Scott Kendall Gibson IV.

• Taylor Marie Smith, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Craig Smith; presented by William Craig Smith; escorted by Norwood Robson Dennis Jr. and William Christopher Cannon.

• Sarah Morgan Sussman, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Sussman; presented by William Joseph Sussman; escorted by Robert Irvin Sussman and David Edward Burke.

• Catherine Brooks Woodhurst, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stanford Woodhurst III; presented by Robert Stanford Woodhurst III; escorted by Weston Douglas Landis and Lieutenant Harold Zachery Eben Engler.



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