More Than Skin Deep: Hollywood hair returns

Movie star hair is back, and with it comes chin-length hair with waves, long hair with texture and up-styles for special occasions.


It always takes a trend a little longer to catch on in the South, but there has been an increased excitement in the direction of texture versus straight hair everywhere, especially for celebrities at red carpet events.

This month, an article in American Salon Magazine, a magazine used by professionals in the hair-styling industry to keep in touch, backs me up with a spread showing icons from the past and celebrities wearing the looks of the present. Using a return of the “Blonde bombshell” as the feature story, all of the looks are wavy and sport a romantic attitude in hair fashion.

In no way does this mean curly hair is in and straight hair is out. It means waves are back, and straight hair is still great, too, with the right cut. Now you can actually wear both. Variety is fun and defiantly helps to spice up your life.

Texture waves, root perms for volume and smoothing treatments for unruly, curly hair are must haves. A little direction from your stylist to show you how to make the look happen is also a big help.

Q: I can’t decide whether I should wear my hair up for my wedding or wear it down. The wedding is formal, but I have heard that if I wear my hair up the photos will not look like me, because I never wear my hair up. What is your advice?

A: A beautiful wedding is a dream that most girls have. So if you are having a formal wedding, be daring and have your hair put up. Be glamorous. Look romantic. It’s not every day that you wear a wedding dress, so it’s not going to look like you in the photos anyway.

Try out some stuff with your stylist before the big event. Look through photos of up-styles that you like, and bring them with you. This is very important, and will eliminate a lot of questions, and scary hairdos.

You can also put just the front of your hair up, if you feel more comfortable with some hair down. If you absolutely feel ridicules wearing your hair up, don’t do it.

The last thing you want is to feel silly. Long, wavy, hair for a wedding can be very lovely. Straight is not great for a formal bride.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Go easy on the tan for your wedding. Unless you have dark skin naturally, a heavy tan tends to look ruddy and unnatural in photos.