More Than Skin Deep: Even with hair on fire, Mom's a beautiful lady

May today and every day be a good hair day. Because when you start the day off with your hair looking good, you feel good.


My Mom had her hair done once a week at the beauty shop, and it was expected to stay for the entire week or the hairdresser would be accused of withholding his magical powers. She did her part every night though, as she strategically placed toilet paper around her hair until it was secured in place for its cradle, the silk pillow.

Not only did she have her own hair done, but there were also the little hair fellows. Three hairpieces in all, as I remember, with a little comb attached. She would have her hair done, and then, I guess, they would start stacking them one on top of the other, until a magnificent tower was built. One so tall that once she had to go back into the beauty shop because she could not get in the car.

It was built to withstand earthquakes and tornadoes, but apparently the structure was not fire resistant, because of all of the hair spray required to mortar the immovable object.

The flaw in architecture became evident when the whole family attended the Detroit Boat Show, as we did every year. As we were going from boat to boat, I noticed her hair smoking like it was a chimney. Back then, people could smoke cigarettes at everything, and apparently someone had flicked one over the side of one of the boats, right into my mother’s hair.

So here’s to all the beautiful moms out there, and all the fun times we’ve had because of you, especially mine. Have a great mother’s day. I love you, Mom.

Dear Scott: My mom’s hair is blue. What do I do?

Answer: Mom is probably using a blue shampoo to get the yellow out of her hair. Grey hair can look bad when it has a yellow cast, but what happens is, over time, when she uses blue shampoo, the blue starts to attach itself to the cuticle layer and although the gradual process is unnoticed by her, it’s blue to all of us.

Here is what you do. Get two mixing bowls, a funnel, a 16-ounce bottle of regular shampoo and a big wooden spoon. Next, mess up your hair, the messier the better. Now, pour half of the bottle of blue shampoo in one bowl and half in the other. Then pour half of the regular shampoo in each bowl with the blue stuff. Mix each bowl with the big wooden spoon. Pour it back in the bottles using the funnel and tell her to use it every third time she shampoos.

If you give mom a remedy for a problem, it’s a lot easier to point out that there is one to start with. It is also going to take a little time for the blue to wear off, so tell her just to use the regular shampoo for awhile.

Dear Scott: My mom likes my hair curly but I like it straight. I have naturally curly hair and I hate it. She says something every time she sees me. How do I make her stop?

Answer: Since its Mother’s Day, I thought I might point out that sometimes mom is right about things. If you have curly hair, lucky for you – waves are back. You may just need someone to show you how to work with your hair. Flat ironing is fine, and I love the look, but why lock yourself into one hairstyle when you have the ability to create many? Wearing the same look every day can be boring. People with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair wish that it was curly. Go to a stylist who can show you the best of both worlds.


Tip of the week: Look up at the moon and thank your mom for hanging it there for you.